This is Happening 84x a Day.

Lyme numbers are climbing.

84 a day!

That’s how many children in Pennsylvania fall ill with Lyme Disease.

Every. Single. Day.

This epidemic is destroying lives, and kids are not immune to its devastating effects and long-term complications.

But you are doing something to help. You are changing their lives by supporting PA Lyme’s mission to provide Lyme education, support and advocacy.

Your donations are providing the programs, tools, support and resources that families desperately need to navigate the world of Lyme and tick-borne diseases for their children.

These families need your help. Kids across Pennsylvania need your help.

Because kids should get to be kids.

Going to school, playing outside, walking their dogs, getting dirty, going on adventures and discovering more about the world every day.

Kids like Camryn.


Meet Camryn

“I became ill when I was 12 years old. It started with a blueish-purple rash on my ankle and a slightly swollen leg. I was misdiagnosed with cellulitis. I began having knee, elbow, shoulder, neck and back pain. I had headaches and was exhausted all the time. My mom requested a Lyme test. At 13, I was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella and Epstein Barre.

We were desperate. My mom then found PA Lyme Resource Network. This led me to the right health care provider who understood what I was going through.

PA Lyme was such a reliable source of helpful resources to me and my family. We had finally found an entire group of individuals that understood and helped when I needed it most.

My advice for anyone diagnosed with Lyme is to stay strong. Keep fighting. Get connected with the right health care provider. This is not your forever, it’s temporary.”

Camryn’s Mom, Michele, wants you to know:

“PA Lyme Resource Network provided knowledge and resources which led us to find the right health care provider for our daughter. As a mother, PA Lyme taught me how to advocate for my daughter and connected me with many other people as part of a wonderful support system. This allowed my husband and me to make informed decisions. The results have been amazing, and we have now seen our daughter off to college with both academic and athletic scholarships.”

We Can’t Do This Without Your Help

Your donations provided Camryn with the resources she and her family needed to help her fight this disease and get better. Get healthy. Get back to being a kid.

Think about that. You’re a health hero.



We need partners like you so that we can continue our mission to help men, women and children across Pennsylvania navigate the often dark and difficult tick-borne disease journey. We provide a roadmap to healing by offering the most current Lyme Disease and tick prevention information and education, as well as support and resources that serve as much-needed beacons of light and hope.

Where exactly does your donation go? More than 95% of your donation goes directly to our programs and resources including our:

    • Dare 2B Tick Aware Prevention Program
    • State-Wide Support Group Network (19 and counting!)
    • Prevention Materials for School Nurses
    • Conferences for Patients and Medical Professionals
    • Legislative Action
    • Virtual Lyme Impact Series: Our highly informative virtual series that brings top experts and their immense knowledge directly to our communities. These captivating online sessions have already reached tens of thousands of people!

Our deepest thanks to you for your dedication (we see it!). For your compassion (we feel it!). And for your admirable commitment to our efforts.

We need heroes like you. Camryn and kids across the state need heroes like you.

Numbers are climbing. 84 children a day. Let’s do something about it.


Please click here and make your donation today.

Yours Sincerely,
PA Lyme