Tick Warning Signs


PA Lyme Resource Network’s Dare 2B Tick Aware™ program, in partnership with Get Outdoors PA, is bringing TICK WARNING SIGNS to our communities.  We’re working hard to get these signs prominently posted in parks and athletic fields across Pennsylvania.

We want to empower people to better protect themselves and stay safer while enjoying the outdoors!

From family walks and bike rides at local parks to playing favorite sports at nearby fields, people are getting outdoors … and we want them to know how to better protect themselves from ticks and the devastating diseases they transmit.

Awareness and prevention are more crucial than ever.  That’s why we continue our mission to bring tick-borne disease education, support and advocacy to our communities.

Here’s how to order tick warning signs for your local parks and fields:


We’re offering a limited number of free tick warning signs.
Ready to raise awareness?

    • Available for FREE to community groups, township/county/state parks, outdoor recreationists, sports venues, etc.  Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis and will continue until our inventory runs out.
    • Groups can initially request a maximum of 5 signs.  If an organization needs more signs, they can order them directly from the printer at a cost.
    • BEFORE putting signs up in any public space, you must get permission from any entity that runs or owns the space.

Yes! Send me 5 FREE tick warning signs!

8 + 5 =


Once you receive your signs, it’s time to get them out into your community and raise tick prevention awareness!

AFTER placing signs on a post or fence (we don’t recommend trees):

    1. Take a picture.
    2. Post it to PA Lyme Resource Network’s Facebook page.
    3. Tag us in your post: #PALymeTickSign & #GetOutdoorsPA
    4. Send us the name of the park/address/town/zip where the signs were posted.
    5. We will add a pin for your sign to our PA Tick Sign map (soon to be here on our website!).


To order additional signs (at a cost), please complete these two easy steps:

    1. Click here to see pricing, payment, timing and contact information.
    2. Click here to download your order form.  It’s a fillable PDF, so you can quickly fill it out while it’s on your screen and then download and email the form to the provided email address.


SIZE: 8½” x 11″

MATERIAL: Plastic core/aluminum exterior with UV-resistant ink/laminate to protect colors

MOUNTING: 1 hole top center and 1 hole bottom center (indicated by pink dots on image below) for zip ties.  10 zip ties are included with your “5 FREE” order.  For additional orders (at a cost), you supply the zip ties.


This is a great sign!  We are placing them in local parks, community gardens, and local student sports fields.  The signs hit all the main prevention points and will definitely help prevent new cases of Lyme disease.

Cathy Gumlock

Lehigh Valley Lyme Support Group Leader, PA Lyme Resource Network

It’s important to have outdoor signs to make people aware of the simple precautions that can be taken to avoid the possible long-term health effects of a single tick bite. My experience is that people think that a tick will bite someone else, that Lyme will affect someone else, and it’s all short-term anyway. If we can encourage even 50% of park-goers to use tick repellent, it will drop PA statistics of new infections every year and keep hundreds of families safe.
Charlotte Moss

Columbia Lyme Support Group Leader, PA Lyme Resource Network