Dare 2B Tick Aware Testimonials

Your presentation today at PA DEP was thorough, educational and well received by nearly 80 of our staff. We appreciate your willingness to allocate your time to talk with our staff about tick ecology, life cycles, preventative measures and provide us with various handouts on the subjects. Afterwards, many of our staff had commented about how much they had learned and appreciated your presentation.

Joseph J. Buczynski, P.E. Assistant Regional DirectorDepartment of Environmental Protection, Northeast Regional Office

Thank you so much for the very informative and enjoyable webinar last night.  I’ve been getting great feedback from those who participated, so I hope they filled out their questionnaires!  It was so easy for us, since you took care of all of the technical details, and I thought it was very professionally done.

Group OrganizerMcCandless Township Environmental Advisory Committee

One thing that I have pushed on the employees this past year after having attended a Dare 2B Tick Aware seminar is the benefit of treating from the knee down and not just exposed skin. After we started really encouraging the employees to, at a minimum, to pretreat their boots with Permethrin we saw a huge decrease in tick bites. I don’t know if that can be attributed to that or the super wet year we had (PA Lyme note: a wet year means MORE ticks), but compared to years past we had almost no tick bites after doing that.

Mike JohnsonAdams ElectricAdams County

I am very glad we were able to have Pa Lyme Resource Network present Dare 2B Tick Aware with Doylestown Health Connections at Warminster Community Park. Your program drove home the importance of prevention.  It provided actionable suggestions for prevention as well as insightful information on recognizing Lyme and other infections spread by Ticks. Before the program, I was afraid to go hiking.  Now, I know how easy prevention can be, and our family will still be able to enjoy the outdoors.  I will be contacting you in the future for additional presentations at Doylestown Health Connections and also with my community partners.

Renae SteckleinCommunity Outreach CoordinatorDoylestown HealthBucks County

Huge thanks to the PA Lyme Resource Network for two incredible tick awareness programs for our staff as part of our Employee Relations Snack Break series! We had the biggest audiences we’ve ever had for these events and many appreciative comments after the fact, including for the handouts that summarized the presentations so well. Your volunteers’ commitment to sharing this very important information is admirable and we’re grateful that you made it easy to distribute it to our community.

DJ. LillyEmployee Relations Committee Co-ChairCentre Region Council of GovernmentsCentre County

Thank you for doing the presentation. All the feedback I received was extremely positive.  Again, the information and presentation were great. Your personal input of spraying shoes every month, spraying blankets used at sporting events, identifying rashes on kids, really brought home the personal, practical things that could be done to prevent and identify Lyme disease.

Norman FredrickDepartment Environment Protection (DEP)