DARE Virtual: Pre-Recorded Seminars

Thank you for your interest in tick-borne disease prevention!  Due to the COVID-19 social distancing mandates, the Dare 2B Tick Aware™ prevention program has transitioned to include VIRTUAL OPTIONS in addition to our in-person seminars. ​

Tick awareness and prevention are more critical now than ever. Spring weather, coupled with social isolation, has many taking advantage of being outdoors, such as family walks and kids playing in their backyard. Also, the wet winter has created the perfect environment for ticks to thrive. Therefore, we continue our mission of tick-borne disease education, support and advocacy.

In order to view our presentation, a donation and basic demographic information are required. This allows us to fund and update the program, and track demographic information on its reach.

For your donation you receive:

37-minute Dare 2B Tick Aware™ PowerPoint presentation with narration covering:

    • Lyme Trends
    • Tick I.D.
    • Tick Habitat and Behavior
    • Prevention Information
      • Personal
      • Yard
      • Pet
    • Acting if bitten by a tick
      • Tick Removal
      • Tick Testing
    • Recognizing early symptoms
    • Seeking help if you get sick

If you represent an organization, and/or plan on presenting in a group forum, please contact DARE Program Manager Amy Tiehel at atiehel@palyme.org after purchasing the GROUP download. She can provide sign-in sheets, link to the survey, and other valuable information for the group; and assist with promotion on our website and social media outlets.

  1. To view the presentation, please click on the appropriate button below, either Rent for INDIVIDUAL option or Buy This for GROUP option.
  1. Please click here to complete the survey after viewing the presentation.

Thank you for supporting PA Lyme Resource Network and our Dare 2B Tick Aware™ Program!

To download Dare 2B Tick Aware™ materials please click here.


Choose 72-Hour Individual Rental for individual viewing for a donation of $5 to $49.

Choose Group Download for group viewing for a donation of $50 to $250.


A pre-recorded seminar consisting of a downloadable PowerPoint presentation with narration that is available to watch after a donation amount of your choice.


  • $5 – $49:  72-Hour Individual Rental for individual viewing.
  • $50 – $250:  Group Download with lifetime access for group viewing.