Take A Swing At Lyme!

Download Your Materials


We have more flyers and prevention tip cards than we can take a swing at! Download anything you see here and share them with everyone you can! You’ll get people involved in an important cause and arm your community with the most current prevention tips.  It all starts with awareness, so let everyone know what we’re up to!

Hmmm…need some ideas about where and how to share this valuable information? 

  • Download to your computer and email to friends, family members, school administrators and athletic department staff (get those sports teams taking a swing!) … anybody who you want to see take the challenge!
  • Download to your computer and print copies … lots of copies!  Hand them out to anyone who wants them and ask if you can leave a stack in local schools, offices, community centers, etc.
  • Share like crazy on your favorite social media networks!  Remember to use the hashtag #TakeASwingAtLyme!


Share any or all of these flyers that outline the 4 easy (and FUN) steps to the Take A Swing At Lyme challenge. Each has its own theme and shows the many ways you can take a swing! Get creative – share the baseball flyer with local school teams or baseball leagues. Get the golf flyers in the hands of putters and drivers. You get the idea! Have fun with it!

Prevention quick tip cards!

Quick and easy-to-read 1-pagers to help you – and those you love – stay safe while enjoying the outdoors. See how you can DARE 2B Tick Aware by learning to Defend, Avoid, Remember and Eliminate. Share with your community to help keep those on the greens, courts and fields armed with the latest and most effective prevention tips!

don’t forget your pets!