Take A Swing At Lyme!

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and it’s your chance to Take A Swing At Lyme!


The Take A Swing At Lyme challenge is FUN & VITAL to our community.

It’s a chance to join forces and really make a difference for those who are facing the daily physical, emotional and financial struggles associated with Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses.

Here are some other reasons to get swinging:

  • Because PA continues to lead the nation in the number of new Lyme Disease cases for 7 years running.
  • Because everyone is at risk.
  • Because Lyme Disease is preventable, and people need to know the risks and how to protect themselves.
  • Because your participation and donation raises awareness AND generates the funding that enables us to keep doing what we’re doing to keep our communities safe. (Free prevention seminars, support advocacy and legislation efforts … just to name a few.)

Are you ready to take a swing? So are we! So grab a lime and your favorite bat, club, racket or stick … and get ready! We DARE you!


The Challenge


Follow these 4 easy (and FUN) steps below and donate. Can’t take a swing? That’s ok! Make a $10 donation instead! All proceeds go to PA Lyme and help expand our state-wide awareness, prevention, education and support programs, which are available free-of-charge to everyone across the state. And, your contribution is tax-deductible!


1. ACCEPT THE DARE: Grab a lime and your phone.


2. RECORD and SWING: Take a video of yourself taking a swing at that lime as hard as you can with a bat, club, racket, stick … even a broom … whatever works! Share your best Lyme prevention tip (like the ones provided below!) either in your video or written as part of your social post.


3. UPLOAD: Share your video to your favorite social media networks, and use the tag #TakeASwingAtLyme so that we can find you! We might even feature you on our social pages and website!


4. DARE TO GIVE: Make a $10 donation online to support PA Lyme Resource Network.

Lyme Prevention Tips!

  • Use two different repellents: 1 for your skin, 1 for your clothes.
  • Spray your skin and clothes even if you’re just in the yard gardening, playing or relaxing (many people get bitten right in their own backyard!).
  • Tuck your pants into your socks for added protection (ticks crawl from the ground up!).
  • Treat your shoes, clothing and camping/hiking/fishing gear with Permethrin (carefully following instructions).
  • Create tick-safe zones in your yard by replacing grassy areas with flagstone patios, wooden decks or brick and gravel walkways.
  • Landscape your property with fragrant plants that help deter ticks such as garlic, mint, rosemary, rue, wormwood, fleabane daisy, chrysanthemums, pennyroyal and Mexican marigold.
  • Keep bottles of insect repellent in your garage to grab and go when you head out to kids sporting events, trips to the park or walking the dogs.
  • Wear light-colored clothing (treated with permethrin) to see ticks more easily.
  • Wear enclosed shoes instead of flip flops.
  • Pull back and secure long hair, especially when gardening or in wooded areas.
  • Avoid tick habitats: Long grass, edges of the woods, park benches, tree trunks, stone walls and any moist/dark area in your yard.
  • Perform regular tick checks on yourself AND your pets!
  • When you come in from the outdoors, immediately put your clothes into the dryer and run on high heat for 20 minutes. Then wash!